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About us

Committed to providing

Healthy Experiences

From the moment a person enters our business, we intend for our guests to be greeted with calm, comfortable coastal décor that will begin to transport them to a place of peace and tranquility.


The Salt & Serenity Grotto is a destination for total relaxation of the mind and body while reaping the health benefits of Himalayan Salt therapy. Promoting an atmosphere where a person can relax, refresh & renew is not only our mission it is our passion.


We would love for guests to bring us a beach or coastal picture or favorite family beach photo and we will proudly display them on our photo collage wall, but the Salt Grotto will only display pictures that are family-friendly.  



The Story of the Path to the Cave

     Kevin and Amy have been married for 23 years and have 1 son, Max who is a senior at Tuslaw and RG Drage. Kevin works as a diesel mechanic and Amy is a manager at a neurology practice. They have a very strong faith that has been the foundation of their new business venture! Kevin and Amy have a large close-knit family and so many dear friends who have been so supportive of their business idea!

     About 2 years ago Amy was stricken with a series of severe stomach ailments which eventually were diagnosed as Gastroparesis caused from a previous abdominal surgery and subsequent viral infection which had caused irreversible damages to her digestive system. Around this same time, a friend suggested that Amy should go to a local Himalayan salt cave for relaxation and to de-stress. After one session, Amy felt a noticeable difference in her Gastroparesis and had some relief from her symptoms for the first time in over a year. Amy started going to the salt cave regularly and the benefits, for her, were obvious and amazing. After each salt cave session, Amy would have about 1-2 weeks of a decrease in the severity of her symptoms. Being at a salt cave is the most relaxing and calming experience and for Amy, it was the only thing she found to help her manage her strife with her disease. Amy took her mom to the salt cave and she also had a great experience. That's when her mom said, laughing "Amy, you need to have Kevin build you a salt cave in your house!"

    Around this same time, Amy and Kevin had been praying for a direction in their lives that would fulfill what they both felt was a calling to make some career changes for Amy. While at a salt cave session Amy thought to herself, "maybe my mom is not too far off with her suggestion and maybe I should open a salt cave ( but not just for myself ) but share this amazing experience of salt with others!" From that thought prayers were prayed, a dream began and a vision grew. Kevin and Amy went from casually talking about a salt cave business to actively researching and planning to open their own salt cave! Amy attended some sessions with a business mentor at Score in Canton and her mentor really guided her and gave her the tools she needed to turn her dream into a reality. In the late summer of 2018, Kevin and Amy began looking into a location for their new business and felt led to explore Wooster, Ohio. Wooster seemed exactly like the kind of town that would embrace this unique type of business. After seeing several properties, a location was chosen and things have been in fast forward motion ever since! 

    In November of 2018, Kevin and Amy began researching where to purchase the Himalayan salt for their salt cave business. With many prayers, a lot of research, and some luck with the internet, Amy found a salt mine owner in Pakistan who would sell her the salt directly --vs--going through a vendor or re-seller. This process turned out to be not only huge cost savings but also the biggest challenge Kevin and Amy faced thus far.


     Dealing with a salt mine owner in a foreign country also turned out to be a source of laughter in times of stress! All they could do was laugh or cry and laughter seemed the better way to go! The language barriers, the communication styles, the emails back and forth, the weights and measurements systems, and wiring money to pay for the salt from a small-town bank in Ohio to a salt mine in Pakistan were beyond what they imagined they would find themselves doing! The salt was mined upon order and it was a BIG order...4 tons of Himalayan salt from a mine in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Once the order was accepted by the mine owner, the salt was hand chiseled and processed and packed up in shipping crates to come to the United States. The salt was sent on a huge container ship to New York. This journey took 2 weeks and once the salt arrived in New York, it sat on the ship for another 2 weeks, awaiting customs and internationally regulated inspections and x-rays of each individual bag and box of salt. Once the salt cleared US customs in New York, it was then put on a truck and sent to Cleveland where it had to pass yet another round of inspections and customs regulations before it could be picked up! Kevin and Amy have been taught patience and to " let it be" and " let God handle this " as they truly had no control over timelines or if the salt would be accepted by the US customs.

     So, here they are today...enjoying all of the trials, tribulations, highs, and lows of their Himalayan salt cave business with 4 tons of Himalayan salt ready to share with their community in the hopes that others will find the healing properties and amazing benefits of Himalayan salt too!

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