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Please call the spa if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant and you have booked a massage.


I acknowledge and understand that my appointment date and time may be subject to change. I understand that The Salt & Serenity Grotto will do its due diligence to keep my original appointment date(s) and time(s) booked. However, due to circumstances beyond the control of the Salt & Serenity Grotto, it may be necessary to cancel, move or change my appointment(s).  I understand the licensed massage therapists at The Salt & Serenity Grotto are Independent Contractors and are not directly employed by The Salt & Serenity Grotto. As such, the massage therapists make their own hours and schedules of availability including changing dates of bookings, scheduling vacations, limitations and cancellations.  I acknowledge that changes to my appointment(s) reflect the availability of the individual therapist and are not controlled by the staff at The Salt & Serenity Grotto. 

I understand that the massage I am consenting to is for the purpose of relaxation and the relief of muscular tension.

I understand that a massage is not a substitute for a medical examination, diagnosis or treatment.

If at any point during the massage I am uncomfortable or uneasy with the massage techniques being

administered and/or I am experience pain or discomfort, I understand it is my responsibility to IMMEDIATELY inform the massage therapist so that the massage can be terminated or the pressure / techniques can be adjusted to a level of comfort.

I will notify my massage therapist of any physical limitation(s), musculoskeletal system issues or health concerns I have prior to the massage.

I understand that I can provide feedback as to my personal preferences in regards to pressure (deeper or lighter) and discuss painful or sensitive areas of my body that I would not want massaged or massaged with a specific technique.

I understand that I am able to ask questions during my massage. The massage therapist is a well-trained, ethical and licensed professional who will be happy to keep me well informed and comfortable.

I understand that any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances will result in the immediate termination of the massage.

I understand that I am consenting to a massage in a Himalayan Salt Cave and as such, I acknowledge that exposure to Himalayan Salt during a massage is not intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases and respiratory issues. I am aware of possible side effects of exposure to Himalayan Salt, which include but are not limited to: dry/itchy throat, nasal drip, mild coughing.

By signing below, I give my consent to participate in a relaxation massage in a Himalayan Salt Cave. I will not hold The Salt & Serenity Grotto, LLC liable for any adverse reactions I experience from exposure to Himalayan Salt during my massage and further certify that I have read and agreed to the terms listed above.

The massage therapist administering your relaxation massage is an independent contractor and is not a direct employee of The Salt & Serenity Grotto. The massage therapist is responsible for upholding his/her own independent licensure, certifications and liability insurance.

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