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salt beds

All sessions are 45 minutes each

Spa towel wraps are provided or you can wear shorts/tank top (bathing suits and birthday suits not permitted)


$25 per person

We can accommodate 1 or 2 people per session


what to

Our Himalayan salt beds are filled with 6 inches of soft salt that is warmed to 85 degrees! Nestle into this bed of warmed salt and let your body relax! Warmed salt is known to promote healing, detoxify the body, help soothe arthritic and fibromyalgia pain, alleviate skin conditions such as Eczema, and open the respiratory system for deeper breathing and clearer sinuses.


While you lay in the warm salt, you are surrounded by lights that slowly and gently fade in and out. These lights are encompassing a full-color spectrum and help to promote peace, tranquility, and rest. We can customize the colors that appeal to you the most or you can experience the entire array of colors!

what is chromOtherapy?

Chromatherapy, or color therapy, is the use of colored lights to relax the brain. Color plays an important role in how we think and feel. Certain colors can evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation. They have been known to influence the conditions of our mental and physical health. 

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