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The ultimate skin soothing treatment to detoxify the body, lose inches, and soften the skin! Our skilled body wrap specialists will wrap your body with warmed aloe and herbal-soaked cloth material to sculpt and smooth the skin. Our aloe & and herbal solution will draw toxins from the body while penetrating layers deep to break up fatty deposits and help you to reduce inches! Your skin will feel butter soft and you will feel refreshed and relaxed when the wrap is completed! This is 45 minutes of quiet, warm-comforting self-care time that is just for you! During your 45-minute treatment, you may wish to add on some additional relaxing services such as a scalp massage or tightening facial mask!

ADD ON services:


Scalp Massage

additional $25 to your body wrap service

Our staff will gently massage your scalp for that ahhhh! feeling you love when you get your hair washed at the salon! This is relaxing and soothing and just that little extra splurge you need! 


Aloe Tightening Facial Mask

This face mask is applied with great care and some light massage to your delicate face and neck. The face mask aloe solution draws out impurities and gently tightens the skin. You will feel it working and your face will have a gorgeous glow! 

additional $25 to your body wrap service

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