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Aristotle said, "To be a friend to someone you must eat a sack of salt together."  He didn't mean you literally eat a sack of salt and then magically become friends.  The phrase paints an image of time spent together over many visits, meetings, laughter, smiles...a pinch of salt here, a pinch of salt there.  With each pinch of salt you add a story to the friendship!  Thank you Salty Friends, for your pinches of salt in our lives here at The Salt & Serenity Grotto!

salty friends

Some of our Salty Friends that have came in to visit the spa!

Stop in and say hello, check out all of the unique gifts to help you relax. You don't need to purchase a session to visit our Grotto Gift Shop. Make sure to stop in often as we have different items week to week!

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