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Visit The Salt & Serenity Grotto to enjoy the health benefits of Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy in an atmosphere of calmness.




The Salin System

It emits microparticles of salt into the air surrounding each guest as they breathe. We are the only Himalayan salt cave in Ohio utilizing these personal ionic salt therapy devices for each guest.



One is a shared cave for up to 8 guests. Each will have a secluded space to relax and unwind in a large, open cave room . The second option is a private cave for 1-2 guests in a secluded, private cave setting.

Himalayan salt based

Our salt caves are filled

with over 4 tons of Himalayan Salt,

shipped to our cave directly from the

world-renowned salt mines of Pakistan.



A Himalayan salt and coastal themed boutique with gifts and products to extend the guests experience. Featuring
Himalayan salt-based products such as jewelry, candles, soaps and more!

  • From the moment a person enters our business, we intend for our guests to be greeted with calm, comfortable coastal décor that will begin to transport them to a place of peace and tranquility.

  • Upon entering the salt cave, the sounds of trickling water and soothing music will lull their senses into relaxation while being surrounded by the ambient light emitted in amber, peach and yellow hues from the Himalayan salt.

  • A warm, soft blanket and zero gravity recliner awaits our guests as they get comfortable and adjust to a space filled with peace and warm ambient lights

  • As our guests gaze upon the ambient light coming from the Himalayan salt in the grotto, they let their stress, worry, and exhaustion fade into peace, contentment, and comfort.

  • While experiencing a state of relaxation, a refreshing sense of peace and renewing their spirits, the guests will reap the benefits of Himalayan Salt which include: relief from respiratory issues, skin conditions and stress/anxiety


Love, love my 45 minutes of peace and quiet after a long week. There is nothing better and it’s healthy for you. Amy is terrific and makes you feel like an old friend every time you walk in. 

Grotto Location

111 S. Buckeye St.

Wooster, Ohio 44691

Operating Hours

Tues & Wed: 10am - 7pm

Thurs & Fri: 10am - 5pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 3pm

330.804.SALT (7258)

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