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Specializes in Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage

ADD ON services:


Scalp Massage

additional $25 to your body wrap service

Our staff will gently massage your scalp for that ahhhh! feeling you love when you get your hair washed at the salon! This is relaxing and soothing and just that little extra splurge you need! 


Aloe Tightening Facial Mask

This face mask is applied with great care and some light massage to your delicate face and neck. The face mask aloe solution draws out impurities and gently tightens the skin. You will feel it working and your face will have a gorgeous glow! 

additional $25 to your body wrap service


Elizabeth Bateman, LMT

She has been a licensed massotherapist since 2001. Liz graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Massage with a focus on Medical, Relaxation and Therapeutic massage as well as Hot Stone techniques. Liz has a passion for helping people to relax and heal.  Liz is driven to provide you with an excellent experience that is unique to you and your needs.


Myranda Scott, LMT

Myranda has been a licensed masso-therapist since 2014. She received her degree at the Ohio College of Massotherapy with an associates degree in Applied Science. Myranda is from the Orrville area and went to the Wayne County Schools Career Center. Myranda is married and she and her husband enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming and also spending time with her nieces and nephews. Myranda has a great desire to help others and encouraging them to have a happy and healthier lifestyle. Myrands looks forward to meeting you and helping you to enjoy an amazing salt session and wellness massage! 

Lotus Flower

Carol Werner, LMT

Carol Werner has been licensed as a Massage Therapist since 2008 and offers clients customized, therapeutic massage to address injury, reduce discomfort and enhance well-being. Her initial training in neuromuscular therapy was at the National Institute of Massotherapy in Akron, Ohio. 


Carol’s continuing education and training in various massage modalities are focused on the art of healing based on a foundation of science. She holds licenses in five states and has offered massage in a variety of settings. She compliments her diverse formal education and experience with wellness travel and networking with professionals in the field. Carol is committed to improving her personal practice as a therapist as well as elevating the massage therapy profession. 


Carol is also a graduate of Ohio State University and holds a master’s degree in Health Arts & Science from Goddard College, in Plainfield Vermont. Prior to practicing massage full time, she worked in health education and community health.


Bateman, LMT


Myranda Scott, LMT

Couples Massage

60 minute $120  |  Deep Tissue $190

90 minute $180  |  Deep Tissue $250 

Relaxation Massage

60 minute $60  |  90 minute $90

Hot Stone Massage

90 minute $115

Cold Stone Aromatherapy Migraine Massage

60 minute $80

Himalayan Salt Scrub Massage

90 minute $120

Pre and Post Natal Massage

60 minute $75  |  90 minute $115

Upper Body Deep Tissue Massage

30 minute $50

Upper Body Relaxation Massage

30 minute $45

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minute $95  |  90 minute $125

Synergy Stone Massage

$2 per minute

Reflexology Massage

30 minute $50

Reflexology and Reiki Massage

60 minute $80



  • From the moment a person enters our business, we intend for our guests to be greeted with calm, comfortable coastal décor that will begin to transport them to a place of peace and tranquility.

  • Upon entering the salt cave, the sounds of trickling water and soothing music will lull their senses into relaxation while being surrounded by the ambient light emitted in amber, peach and yellow hues from the Himalayan salt.

  • A warm, soft blanket and zero gravity recliner awaits our guests as they get comfortable and adjust to a space filled with peace and warm ambient lights

  • As our guests gaze upon the ambient light coming from the Himalayan salt in the grotto, they let their stress, worry, and exhaustion fade into peace, contentment, and comfort.

  • While experiencing a state of relaxation, a refreshing sense of peace and renewing their spirits, the guests will reap the benefits of Himalayan Salt which include: relief from respiratory issues, skin conditions and stress/anxiety

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